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This FINAL game is NOT being televised in our area . . .
so let's ALL come out to bid adieu to the 2011 Season
and say a fond farewell to our Fan Club Family of Friends
until next season . . . . . . . 

Well, that wasn't very much fun . . . 


     What else can be said about last Saturday’s game and this entire season for our Redskins.  We hold the Vikings below 200 yards passing, we knock out their QB and Star RB, we score over 25 points for only the 3rd time this season, and we STILL get NO JOY from a Christmas Eve loss to a team attempting to avoid the worst season in franchise history.  And then to add insult to injury, London Fletcher - -- LEADING THE NFL IN TACKLES - -  gets no love in Pro Bowl Voting, snubbed once again!  If they throw him the “Alternate” bone, I hope he throws it back their face!  Same thing with Ryan Kerrigan, who is more deserving than numerous big name spares that are going to Hawaii.  Ridiculous!


     So we close out the season this weekend against the Eagles, who provided the only smile on my face Christmas Eve by putting the Cowboys in a box.  Philadelphia has been playing better as of late, but were eliminated from playoff contention before the game last week when the Giants won, so this weekend’s contest for our Skins against the Eagles is for entertainment purposes only.  Hopefully we will be entertained with a win.


     After this game, stay tuned for next week’s Farewell To 2011 (and good riddance) and Redskins New Year’s Resolutions.


HAIL!...............................John Priddy


and from the "BIGGEST SNUB IN THE NFL" department . . .

by Chick Hernandez, CNS Anchor and Reporter ~

     How in the name of any middle linebacker worth his weight did London Fletcher not get voted into the Pro Bowl?  I know it's partly by fan vote -- in addition to players and coaches -- but what game are they watching?  Redskins nation, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  How did you NOT stuff the ballot box with the league's leading tackler?  Not only did London, at the tender age of 36, lead the league in tackles, but the two men who were voted in -- Patrick Willis and Brian Urlacher -- couldn't hold the old man's jock or cane!  Both were some 70 tackles behind Mr. Fletcher -- which is how he should be addressed by the rest of the league with heads bowed whenever in his presence.

    Problem is, what London has done over his career is NO JOKE.  If you're counting, that's 13 straight seasons  with over 100 tackles.  This Sunday, he will play in his 223rd consecutive game, most among active players.  His 178 straight starts at linebacker are 99 better than the next closest at the position.  Over his career, only Ray Lewis has collected more tackles.

    Mr. Fletcher, I'm sorry you're not a Pro Bowler in the voter's eyes.  You are among many who watch you play and cover you as a member of the media.  I'm already on record as saying it's been an honor to cover you, and witness the man you are on the field and off.  Pro Bowl voters, you suck!


The Redskins Blog, posted by Brian Tinsman ~ December 28, 2011

Last night’s announcement of Pro Bowl rosters came and went without a mention of any Washington Redskins.  The argument can be made for multiple snubs, but there are probably none greater than linebacker London Fletcher.

With one game left to be played, coaches’ stats have Fletcher at an NFL-leading 200 tackles on the season, a career year for the 36-year-old defensive captain.  For the record, the second place player on this list has 145.  Patrick Willis and Brian Urlacher, the two NFC Pro Bowl selections, rank 36th and 38th respectively.

Now, I’ve heard the argument that winning teams get more appreciation, and I understand that Fletcher spends more time on the field than linebackers in truly dominant defenses.  But he has been a veritable vacuum in the middle of this defense, leading a group that includes players 14 years his junior.

In addition to his titanic tackle numbers, he also has 1.5 sacks, 14 quarterback pressures, two interceptions, nine passes defensed, and three forced fumbles.  If you’re wondering what else he could possibly do on defense, you’re not the only one:

Fletcher has gone most of his career as a forgotten man, starting every game since 2000, and quietly keying his defense to greatness.  He wasn’t alone in feeling like he got snubbed.

Middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch for the Detroit Lions reached out to Fletcher after the announcement:  “You’ve been the definition of what a pro bowl linebacker is for years and still playing at a high level.  You had my vote Fletch.”

Adam Schefter, a respected NFL analyst for ESPN, named Fletcher among his top snubs.

And, of course, Fletcher got the support of his Redskins teammates: 

Chris Neild, “How is Fletcher59 NOT on the pro bowl roster?? Cmon man, crazy.”

Jarvis Jenkins: “If 163 tackles didn’t get you to a pro bowl, IDK what will . . . “

Donte Stallworth:  “Man, how has London Fletcher only been to TWO pro bowls in his career?  This dude is a monster, he brings it EVERY play!”

Adam Carriker:  “How does London Fletcher, a guy who leads the entire NFL in tackles, not make the Pro Bowl?  Ridiculous!”

Erik Cook:  “Can’t believe Fletch didn’t make the Pro Bowl!!!  WOW”

After the initial disappointment and the ensuing outpouring of support, Fletcher was gracious, and thanked everyone for his support.  He also gave his congratulations to former teammates Carlos Rogers and Andre Carter:

“Wanted to thank all those who voted for me & say congrats to all those who made the probowl especially Mr. Carter93 and Carlos Rogers!”

There is no question, that even in moments of reasonable disappointment, Fletcher is still a class act.  Expect him to extend his league-leading tackle totals this Sunday and walk off with his head held high.


FYI:  By virtue of finishing in last place, the Redskins' 2012 opponents are as follows: home and away vs. NFC East; the four teams in the NFC South; the four teams in the AFC North; the Minnesota Vikings at home; and the St. Louis Rams on the road.




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