Washington REDSKINS   vs.   New Orleans SAINTS

FedEx Field

Sunday ~ September 14, 2008 ~ 12:00 p.m.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar


It’s Tool Time at FedEx Field


Well, I have to say that this has been a particularly unpleasant Opening Weekend . . . with all of our NFC Eastern foes coming out victorious while we could do nothing but watch.  Coach Zorn said that he saw the holes he needs to fix.  I saw quite a few also . . . at all positions -- except Running Back!  Nice block, Clinton!!!  But after I settled down and cooled my disappointment gland off, I realized that we went on the road to the Home of the World Champions, with a new Coach, a new Offensive Scheme, with a couple of key members of our Defense nowhere near 100%, and still were in the game in the 4th quarter, mathematically at least.  So the best thing to do with this one is chalk it up as a loss, forget it, and move onto the next one.


And the next one comes to FedEx Field this Sunday in the shape of the New Orleans Saints.  Hopefully, the Defense will bring the hammers and do some pounding on Reggie Bush.  We cannot let this guy get the ball in open space or we will be in trouble.  Keep him in a crowd and he is a lot less effective in the passing or running game.  Drew Brees had a great second half in their opening win against the Buccaneers, but their Defense is no great shakes, so hopefully Jason will have a little less pressure on him this week.  Regardless of how much rush JC gets, he has to get rid of the ball quicker this week to get into any kind of a rhythm, and they HAVE to show some urgency as the game situation dictates.  Brandon Jacobs tore us up last week, but none of the running backs from the Big Easy bring as much of a load as he does so, we should be able to contain that part of their attack.  On the Passing side, both Shawn Springs and Fred Smoot should be ready to go Sunday, given the long layoff since the Giants game. Second-round pick WR Malcolm Kelly should also make his regular season debut.


It’s looking like the toolbox -- which has been half empty for much of the summer and certainly was at the Meadowlands -- is getting restocked, so let’s break out the tools and fix this sucker up!


HAIL!                                                                                                                                                                ......................................................John Priddy




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