Washington REDSKINS vs. Philadelphia EAGLES

Sunday ~ December 21, 2008 ~ 3:15 p.m.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar




On a Sunday afternoon in December when they had everything to play for, against a sub-standard opponent on both sides of the ball, the Washington Redskins gave a horribly lackadaisical performance and lost the game, lost whatever miniscule chances they had at the postseason, and lost any shred of respect they had left in the eyes of the Football World.  All through this stretch of ineptitude, we have been saying that our opponents have been tough . . . “That’s why we haven’t scored more,” . . . “That’s why we haven’t gotten any pressure on the other guy’s QB,” . . . etc., etc.  OK, so what is the excuse now?  Coach Zorn says he feels like “The Worst Coach in America” – and he has some company in that role, a couple of guys named Blache and Bugel.  Our Offensive Line was ATROCIOUS and has been for weeks!  Under two minutes to go at the Bengals’ 13 yard line and we can’t manage one yard - - ridiculous!  The Defensive Line is no better.  Sacks ~ ~ What are those?  Blitzing Schemes?  Never heard of ‘em, pal!  Ryan Fitzpatrick ~ ~ yes, let that name burn into your brain ~ ~ Ryan Fitzpatrick and the 1-11 Cincinnati Bengals beat us soundly on Sunday . . . great, just great!


Pro Bowl nods to Clinton Portis, Chris Samuels, and Chris Cooley, of which only Clinton is really deserving.  Cooley, maybe, but Samuels? Give me a break - - over-rated bum that should be the anchor of our Offensive Line is, in fact, the place that most of Jason’s sacks have come from.  But the Pro Bowl proved it is really an idiotic farce by snubbing London Fletcher yet again.  He said it best when he called himself the “Susan Lucci of the NFL.”  Chris Horton better get a ticket to Honolulu also as part of the Rookie Contingent because there are fewer more deserving youngsters than he on the defensive side of the ball.


OK, enough grousing.  We still have 2 more games in this campaign, and one of them - this week - is against that team we all love to hate - - that obnoxious brother-in-law of a team known as the Philadelphia Eagles.  It is at FedEx Field (like that matters anymore), so we SHOULD have some sort of an advantage.  But they are still harboring post-season hopes, and Brian Westbrook is healthier than he has been in weeks ~ actually since the last time we played them ~ so they are DANGEROUS - - hell, St. Mary’s School for the Deaf and Blind is dangerous to our defense.  The coaching staff, unfortunately for continuity sake, is probably playing for their lives, so it’s anyone’s guess what we will get on Sunday.  The Cowboys’ game will be over Saturday night, so the Eagles will know what is on their plate.  Let’s give them a bone to choke on.

HAIL!                                                                                         ..........................John Priddy


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