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This is a term that gets held in very high regard in all leagues ~~ “Home Field Advantage” ~~ when you have that, you have something special . . . something valuable . . . something that you fight for all season to have in the playoffs . . . and something that you are supposed to defend bitterly!  Well, I don’t know about you, but I did not see a whole lot of bitter defending going on at FedEx Field during our last game before the bye versus the Pittsburgh Steelers!  I didn’t see it on the field, and I sure as heck didn’t see it in the stands!  I am all for allowing fans of the visiting team to come into your home stadium and watch the game.  We invade Texas Stadium and as many other stadiums as we can each year.  But for the most part, we go there to watch the game, cheer at the appropriate times, and then go home.  Maybe it is just me, but I was so tired of seeing those butt ugly “Terrible Towels” during the Monday night game - - the fans, the ushers and, more importantly, the players should have done something to make those towels go down and stay down!  But, instead, I saw a team and fans that after the 1st quarter showed virtually no fire - - no fight - - no NOTHING!!  It was like they started their bye week 3 quarters early!  Spare replacement QB Byron Leftwich TORCHED us in the second half, and AGAIN we laid an egg on the national stage.  Maybe I am just cranky after a weekend of no real football, but that was a bitter pill to swallow - - hopefully they suffered enough to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


This week’s game is a two-edged sword - - on one side, we have chance to stick the proverbial fork into our mortal enemies as the Cowgirls come to town.  They will be getting Romo and his pinkie back, but he doesn’t play Defense or Offensive line, and that has been where a lot of their recent problems have been. On the other side, we also get some players back with Jason Taylor and Shawn Springs having 2 full weeks off to heal from their respective injuries.  Newcomer DeAngelo Hall might see some time in Nickel Packages as well.  Overall, I think the Skins’ defense can definitely handle their offense - - if we play tight man-to-man, no freaking Zone . . . especially the “play off the man 7 – 10 yards Zone” we have been doing lately.  The offense suffered tremendously in the Monday nighter . . . doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for virtually the whole game.  And now we hear that Mr. Portis is “50/50” for the Dallas game with a mysterious sprained knee.  Hopefully this is just some “George Allen style” shenanigan action by Coach Zorn getting into the spirit of Cowboys week!


This game has the possibility to be totally CHOICE if we can beat these bums again and put them in a deep dark hole.  However, if we slip up, then all of the Skins’ early season efforts will have been for naught, and we will be tied with those guys - - and I am sure that is something NONE of us want!  So everyone, players and fans alike, need to MAN up and make FedEx Field a very unpleasant place for Jerry, Wade, and Romo’s pinkie!


HAIL!                                                                                         ..........................John Priddy


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NFC East Midseason Awardshttp://myespn.go.com/profile/violation?ou=nflnationadmin&at=7&vid=1225841359807

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

It's that time of year again.  Yes, we're well aware that the Redskins and Cowboys are past the midway point, but we hated to jump the gun on the Giants and Eagles.  To this point in the season, the NFC East has been both brilliant and baffling.  Just when you think you know the Redskins, they go and crater on national TV.

It's hard to decide which has been the bigger story line:  The meteoric rise of Jim Zorn or the fall from preseason grace by the Cowboys.







The halfway coach of the year:   And our first Middie goes to Redskins first-year head coach Jim "Z Man" Zorn.  Tom Coughlin has done a phenomenal job of guiding his players through some adversity  (Osi  Umenyiora, Plaxico Burress), but Zorn is the one who's caught everyone by surprise.  When I talked to Joe Gibbs on Monday (you like how I did that?), he couldn't stop talking about the job Zorn has done.  Zorn had the good sense not to blow up everything and make a bunch of changes.  He's secure enough to surround himself with Gibbs holdovers, and he does a great job of empowering his staff.  If you thought this team could be 6-3 after that opening game in the Meadowlands, meet me in Vegas next weekend.  Zorn is the rare head coach who doesn't try to act like he has all the answers.  His  postgame news conferences feel like brainstorming sessions.  I'm pretty sure he asked a reporter Sunday how he liked the Redskins' burgundy on burgundy look.  That alone makes him worthy of a Middie.

Rookie of the (half) year:   Before the season, you thought Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and Cowboys running back Felix Jones were the best candidates for a Middie.  Neither of those players has disappointed, although Jones has missed three games with a hamstring injury. But for my money, no rookie has had a bigger impact than Redskins seventh-round draft pick Chris Horton.  Fortunately for executive vice president of Danny Snyder's football team, Vinny Cerrato, Horton has helped take the attention away from those three second-round picks. If anyone spots Malcolm Kelly, send him back to Redskins Park. But the seventh-rounder Horton has been the team's best playmaker on defense -- outside of maybe London Fletcher.  A scout told me recently that Horton was a "poor man's Troy Polamalu," which was definitely meant as a compliment. Horton is not particularly fast, but he always ends up near the ball.  Watching him throw his body at Willie Parker on Monday was pretty entertaining.

Most improved:  This one's always a little awkward.  It sort of sheds light on the fact that a player may have struggled in the past.  For instance, we've eliminated Clinton Portis and DeMarcus Ware from the "Most Improved" category.  And our winner is:  Jason Campbell of the Redskins. Despite his poor performance Monday against the Steelers, Campbell has been rock solid for much of the season.  He makes plays when the game is on the line and he has embraced Zorn's West Coast offense.  Campbell's biggest strength is his knack for remaining calm at all times.  You can't tell by his demeanor whether he's won or lost -- and that's a good thing.

The MVP after nine weeks:  Clinton Portis is a no-brainer.  A running back can set the tone for a team, and Portis' rugged style resonates throughout the organization.  He committed himself to getting in better shape this past offseason and it's paying huge dividends.  If the season ended today, Portis would be the odds-on favorite for league MVP.  Who else are you going to pick?  Albert Haynesworth?  Nope, Portis is the man and he's poised to take home the MVP hardware.

Most compelling story line for the second half:   Can Tony Romo overcome his injury and breathe life back into the Cowboys?  Is this a sleeping giant or a collection of individuals that will never be on the same page?  My guess is the latter.  We'll be here to document all of it for you.




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