Washington REDSKINS @ San Francisco 49ers

Sunday ~ December 28, 2008 ~ 3:15 p.m.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar




On a day when the Redskins were eliminated from the playoffs, it certainly was an enjoyable way to go out.  Beating the Eagles, ESPECIALLY on the last play of the game, and hurting their playoff chances in the process, is always a good thing.  The Defense came to play, holding Westbrook to 45 yards rushing (and hurting my fantasy team in the process).  Our Pass Defense was helped out quite a bit by the Eagles' inability to hold onto the ball, but our guys had something to do with that.  Big Props go out to Landry and Smoooooooot for the last play heroics.  Portis again gritted it out, hurt as always . . . what this guy could do to the record books if he could just stay healthy would be an amazing thing!  And look at the Christmas Miracle ~ ~ the 8 Million Dollar Man, Jason Taylor, had 2 whole sacks!

We got the announcement today that Coach Zorn will be back next year - - as much as I groused about our Offensive woes this year, I can't say I am unhappy that he will be back.  We need continuity, and I think he does bring some excitement and fire to the sidelines.  I do hope, however, that we have an open competition between Jason and Colt next August because I did not see the progression we all expected from Mr. Campbell this year.  HOWEVER, I hope we are all ready to see Mr. “Square Jaw” Cowher in Blue and Silver next year!

So we have one more game, on the ‘Left Coast’ against an improving San Francisco 49ers team.  Mike Singletary is a leader of men and will have this team back as a contender if he can get a couple of more pieces in place . . . both on the field and the sidelines.  The spirit he brings to that team was on display as they came back last week from way down to edge the Rams 17 - 16.  Shaun Hill is a capable Quarterback and has been productive since he was given the reins. The fact that they play in such a weak division will also hasten the progression of this team.

My Christmas Wish List --

1. Cowboys miss the Playoffs . . .
2. Fewer “hats” for Coach Zorn on gameday . . .
3. Offensive Line help . . .
4. A reasonable contract for Deangelo Hall . . .
5. A respectable Pass Rush . . . and
6. Did I mention - - the Cowboys miss the playoffs?

Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy New year, and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!               ........................John Priddy


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