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Washington REDSKINS   @   New York GIANTS

Thursday ~ September 4, 2008 ~ 6:00 p.m.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar



What a Difference a Month Makes!


Well, THAT certainly didn’t end the way we wanted it to!  One short month ago, in Canton, Ohio, we watched as two of our Heroes were enshrined in the Hall Of Fame, and joyfully experienced Coach Zorn’s first foray into Head Coaching with an efficient win over the Colts.  Since then, we have looked like a car stuck in reverse, with the Offensive output going down, and the Defense looking anemic as well.  


Well, I for one am going to chalk it up to a LONG training camp and the guys just being tired of this Preseason nonsense.  The third game of our preseason, which is usually the dress rehearsal, we came away with a road win against an inspired Jets team.  So – “Mission Accomplished.”


But we have a long way to go towards realizing our potential.  The Redskins have only made a few additions this offseason.  The most notable of those is, of course, Coach Zorn and his “west-coast offense.”  Jason Campbell has run this offense successfully before, and will be fine once the bullets start flying for real.  Jason Taylor should be ready to go for the season opener to give us the pass rush we have needed for a long time now.  And the Rookie Class of 2008, especially Fred Davis, should pay dividends in fairly short order.


We open the season under the Big Lights….on the Big Stage….against the Big Boys from New York -- Thursday night in front of the whole world!  The Giants will be getting their rings for their improbable Championship last year, and they will have a burst of energy to start the game.  However, once that wears off, the loss of their two defensive-end stalwarts from last year will be felt quickly as their secondary is exposed by the lack of a pass rush.  We will have a number of guys returning from injury that have either not played at all in the preseason, or sparingly at best, so the team we have watched falter the last couple of weeks will NOT be the same one we see on Thursday night.


The Giants have not lost in a while, so it will be nice to put them back in their place . . . . because we all know who the last team to beat them was . . . .


Yep, that’s right . . . . The Mighty Redskins!

Let’s Get it Started Right!


…....................................…….John Priddy




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