Washington REDSKINSCincinnati BENGALS

Sunday ~ December 14, 2008 ~ 12:00 p.m.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar




Well, we won a challenge at least . . . and it only gained us 4 yards.  But, hey, when you are a Redskins Fan with the medical wreckage that is our team, we have to take our small victories where we can!


Another poor performance on National TV as we fell to the Baltimore Ravens, losing more key players along the way.  Chris Samuels is now out for the rest of the year with a triceps injury.  And numerous other people were dinged up, including Jon Jansen on the other end of the O-Line.  The Offense was again ineffective, with the Baltimore Defense having something to say about that, but the ball just doesn’t seem to be getting out quick enough even when Jason Campbell is NOT on his back.  And another thing -- with as many times as he is getting knocked down lately, WHY IS NO ONE FROM OUR TEAM HELPING HIM UP??  He always seems to have to pick himself up off the ground.  That should not be the case!  Overall, though, it was a thoroughly depressing evening, especially the 4th quarter chewing drive by the Ravens at the end that looked suspiciously like a certain drive with Marion Barber a couple of weeks ago, also on a Sunday Night.  The only thing that made this game bearable was the knowledge that in a couple of weeks it will be the Cowgirls feeling the Ravens’ rush.


Ok, so now we are just looking to win and then roll the dice to see what else can happen.  We travel to Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati to face the reeling Bengals.  Ryan Fitzpatrick will again get the start over the “elbowless” Carson Palmer, and our not-so-good friend Marvin Lewis could be in the last month of his Head Coaching stint.  It is time for our Skins to have a good showing - - the Cowboys, Giants, and Ravens all have stout defenses - - the Bengals do not. Our Offense needs to score over 24 points, and our Deense should be able to get some pressure on their Quarterback - - this means YOU, Taylor and Carter!!!  


Our fate is not in our hands now, but one thing is for sure - - if we have ANY chance at all to sniff that magical word Linda spoke some 9 odd weeks ago, the we HAVE to win - - ALL of our remaining regular season games, and it has to start now!

HAIL!                                                                                         ..........................John Priddy


Medical Update:


For those of you who were not at the game on Sunday, we received word that our fellow fan, "Big James" Baltimore, was in a car accident.  Here is an update on his condition:


"James was in an auto accident on Saturday night.  He broke some ribs, hurt his elbow, and was observed for bleeding to the brain.  However, the good news is that he has been released from the hospital, and it appears he will be okay.  However, he has totaled his car and we're not sure of the outcome of that situation.  I have spoken with him and he is in good spirits.  I'm not sure of any immediate needs for now, except his car." {from Rod}
Several of you have asked what you could do to help, and we already have received donations.  We're sure James would appreciate any and all assistance to help him get back on his feet.  The Club will accept and present to James any and all heartfelt gifts from his fellow fans.
Thank you. 


Mark your Calendars ~

The 12/21 game vs. Philadelphia

has been moved to 3:15 p.m.

Therefore, the . . .


must be cancelled!



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