Washington REDSKINS  at   New England Patriots

Sunday, October 28, 2007 ~ 3:15 p.m.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar



  It’s okay to exhale now . . . 


I am not going to spend a lot of time rehashing Sunday’s game because even Stevie Wonder could see it wasn’t pretty.  Anyone who sat (or in my case paced) through the game knows we were out gained in total yards by a margin of over 2 -1.  Arizona had over 350 yards to our 160.  We couldn’t run, block or pass with any consistency.   And we continued the frustrating trait of not showing up for the second half of a game.  But, you know what people . . . WE WON . . . and if the playoffs started today, we would be playing, because the only thing that matters is how many W’s you have.  Now, repeat that mantra a million times before the end of the season.  Now on to Sunday . . .


Keys to the game when we’re on Offense are pretty simple:


First ~ We must run the ball.  The Dolphins were able to run for 180 yards Sunday, and we are certainly capable of doing the same.  Sounds simple, but if we keep the ball, Brady & Company are on the sidelines.


Second ~ We must exploit the middle of the field.  You know I’d rather jump naked into a swimming pool filled with double-edged razor blades than give Dallas credit for anything, but they proved the Patriots are vulnerable over the middle . . . Paging Chris Cooley . . .


Third ~ We must have a Big Play in each half.  We had only one play of over 20 yards against the Cardinals.  With Santana, Antwaan and Clinton in the huddle, that is unacceptable.


Fourth ~ We have to open up the play book.  Gibbs admitted they got too conservative in the play calling, trying to protect the lead.  Ya think, Joe?  Campbell only attempted 18 passes the entire game, and I got tired of watching Portis go over the left side for two yards and a cloud of dust!  We have two of the greatest Offensive minds in football on the sidelines . . . use them!!!


Defensively, I like our chances.  By no means am I saying the Patriots aren’t in the upper class of the NFL, but they haven’t played a Defense as tough as ours.  If we execute a game plan similar to the one employed against the Lions, we can hold them in check.  One of the reasons Brady is so accurate is the huge separation his receivers get on defenders.  Carlos, Shawn, LeRon and Sheriff Taylor aren’t going to let that happen.


And another nugget of useless knowledge ~ ~ Gibbs has never lost to a Belichik-coached team.


Weather for Sunday should be perfect with partly cloudy skies and temps in the 60’s.


So look at the world through your burgundy tinted glasses . . . this game is going to be much closer than people think!


HAIL!                                                                                                                                           ..................................................................................Mary Priddy






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WASHINGTON REDSKINS* COUNTRY - From the Pig Pen ~ Date-Line: Tuesday, October 23, 2007:

Aha, what did I tell you, 21 points (or more) wins games, more often than not...and 14 points or less usually means a loss.  The Skins squeaked by Arizona, 21-19, in a hard-fought battle decided on the last play of the game, a 55-yard field goal try by the Arizona kicker, who hooked the kick just left of the goal post, by about two feet (not even close).  The Skins got well on a battling Cardinals team coached by a couple of old Redskins, Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm (one of our beloved HOGS). Arizona came to town with a one-armed Qback, big wide receivers, a decent O-line, and a pretty good D-line.  The Skins defense played tough, getting two interceptions; one run back to the 25, for a short field, and the other one run in for six points.  I love defensive scores, they are so great. But after three quarters, the Skins offense could not muster a single first down, not good.  In the fourth quarter, Arizona scored again to get back in the game, 21-13.  At 2:56, after going three and out for the third time in a row, the Skins had to punt the ball away.  Arizona managed to march down the field and "bang", with 21 seconds left, scored to make the game 21-19.  Then, I think they kinda outsmarted themselves, using a wide receiver to run a run-pass option play the Skins managed to intercept to keep the game at 21-19.  Wouldn't you know it, Arizona pulled off a perfect on-sides kick, and retained possession of the ball.  Now, 85,000+ Skins fans were holding their collective breath; if Arizona could get into position to successfully kick a field goal, they win.  They would win a game the Skins lead at one point, 21-6.  Is this game ever going to get over?  Arizona managed to get to the Skins 37-yard line, leaving themselves a 55-yarder, not a high percentage kick to make.  I think the Skins were smart not to call a timeout at the last second before the kick.  If the Arizona kicker was expecting a timeout to be called, it could have been a little unsettling to line up, expecting the timeout, and not have it called.  The ball was kicked and as I watched it from our vantage point (end zone side line), when it got to about the 10, I could tell it had plenty of leg.  I focused on the upright, and saw the pole disappear, meaning the ball came on this side of the pole.  Skins win, Skins win, Skins win, by the hair on our chiny-chin-chins.  You know what folks, we have lost our share of games on the last play of the game by a long kick.  I do not feel bad we won this game because their kicker barely missed a long field goal try.  Our guys played their guts out, they won the game.  It was a game where the Skins made fewer miscues than Arizona, simple as that.  It is in the books, and now it is onto New England.  What a great team they have, averaging about 40 points a game and five or six touchdown passes a game.  They have pretty much dismantled everyone they have played this season, including the Cowboys.  This is a game the Skins are not supposed to win; New England is favored by 16 points.  That is three scores, boys & girls; two touchdowns and a field goal to beat.  I sure am glad the game has to be played.  I think the Skins are going to show up.  They have nothing to lose.  Do the Skins need to play a lot better on offense than they have, absolutely.  And they have to play the best they can on defense and special teams.  Maybe the Skins have the Patriots right where they want 'em.  Time will tell.  GO SKINS!!!


Mikey T.
HoF '98



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