W I L D C A R D W E E K E N D !

Washington REDSKINS @ Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS
Saturday, JANUARY 7, 2006 ~ 3:30 pm
Burgundy & Gold Fan Club
Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar


P l a y o f f B o u n d !

OK - here we go . . . TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!! I think we all agree when I say that the 2006 Holiday season was made much brighter because of our beloved Skins!!!! Not to mention Gregg Williams' contract extension to keep him here -- hopefully to become Joe's successor (at least that's what I think is happening)!!!!

So what's next? The Buccaneers! Funny, we've made the playoffs twice since 1992, and both times we have to go to Tampa Bay. You know what I say? I like that party! The last two times we've played Tampa Bay in Tampa we've lost by one point (1999 Divisional Playoff and, of course, this season's game).

Let's look at this season's game, shall we? WE lost that game, Tampa did not beat us! I know, I know -- the 2-point conversion that wasn't. But really, Tampa shouldn't have even been in that position to begin with. But this team ~~ the team that we've watched the last 5 weeks ~~ is NOT the same Redskins team that lost that game. That team did not seem to know how to close out a game. This Redskins team is different. They are committed to the run, and are doing it successfully. They are closing out games, both offensively and defensively (recently our Defense has been closing out games with a little Offense of their own -- a-la Sean Taylor last week) which is something we didn't see until we were 5-6. I feel that this Redskins team is much more confident and efficient on both sides of the ball than the team that put up 35 points and lost. No, no, no -- this team puts up 35 points and wins!

We have veteran leadership on offense, defense and on the coaching staff, and that will be the difference on Saturday. We are banged up on defense, which concerns me, but don't you just have that feeling that we're not quite finished?? Don't you look at this match up and get a good feeling about it? I do! Chris Simms played an almost flawless game against us earlier this year, but the playoffs? Now that's a different story. He already had his coming-out party once ~~ I don't believe that he will do that again!

See you at Austin Avenue on Saturday! .....................................Chad Costa

HAIL new B&G Fan Club Members ~
Bill Lindsay

Messages from our Hogette Friends

Happy New Year's Guys!!! Its been a long time since my little pig tail has gotten this curly! I too want to join in the comments made by my fellow Hogettes -- we really appreciate everything you guys do to further the Redskins tradition and notoriety there in Cowboyland!!! I enjoyed our visit with you a couple of years ago! I want you to know that I made the sign that Eric Hudson has now -- I tried to get it on National TV. Several photographers came over to take the picture -- I could not tell if they were with Fox Sports, or NFL, or the local Dallas station, but I am happy to see that you have it!!!! The truth be known, I had a bigger sign to say Hi! to you all last year for the Monday night game, but my father-in-law passed two days prior, and I had to be in Rhode Island for the funeral. Two of my litter mates were supposed to take it into the stadium and have it for the ABC cameras, but, alas, they forgot and left it in their car!!!! [I counted 8 or 9 times we were on camera during that game, too!]. But I wanted all of you to know that we were thinking of you!!!! Keep up the great work!!! I am sure I will be down next year for the game along with many other Hogettes.

Hey, and let it be known, if any of you at Austin Avenue do get up here to a Redskins game, LET US KNOW!!! We will do everything to accommodate you and get you involved in our great Tailgaters, as well as helping with any logistics you may need . . . send us an email!!! You guys are fantastic. Thanks for the newsletters -- keep it up!!!

Okay, one more big game and off to the playoffs!!!! Let's hope the Raiders and Norv cooperate by beating the GI-ants tomorrow!!! Best of luck to all of you! Happy New Year! SPIGGY HOGETTE (:@)) [the pretty blonde in the blue dress]!
P.S. I hope the grass fires there have not affected anyone in the Club.

Burgundy & Gold M&Ms
are back for the playoffs!


>From our "Medical Scare" files . . .

Fellow fan and newsletter feature writer, John Priddy, was rushed to the hospital late Monday evening with what was at first thought to be a heart attack! Yikes! Thankfully it was not (whew!) -- the diagnosis is inflammation of the heart lining, treated with drugs and rest. John is now home, enjoying those drugs and extended bedrest, where he will be watching the game on Saturday and calmly cheering (yeah, right) our Skins to their playoff victory. We'll be cheering for you, John!


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