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Saturday, JANUARY 14, 2006 ~ 3:30 pm
Burgundy & Gold Fan Club
Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar

2005 Playoffs ~ ROUND #2
What is a Seahawk Anyway? A Seagull on Steroids?

Once again we find ourselves in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game. It seems that when we make the Playoffs, we either lose in this round, or win the Super Bowl. At least that's what has happened each time we have made the Playoffs since 1987 -- either lose in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game or win the Super Bowl. So why can we advance this time? Well, if you listen to most analysts, they say that we can't go any farther than this. Why? Our offense. Hmmmm. We've put up three 30+ point performances in the last four games (the Cowboys and Giants were superb offensive performances against good defenses), but they seem to only want to look at the Tampa Bay game and base their assessment on that. We did look poor on offense last week, no doubt about that, but I think that match-ups and schemes had a lot to do with it. Playing the top ranked defense in the NFL, on the road, in the Playoffs, also had something to do with it. Seattle is good, no question, but they will not shut us down the way Tampa Bay did. I firmly believe that!

So why can it be different? I look at this game, and I see a few things. (1) Again, we have to be successful running the ball (sound familiar?). If we do that, we CAN exploit their pass defense, which is ranked 25th in the league. Santana Moss will make a few big catches, which could even open up the run. (2) Our defensive backs are healthier than they have been in quite some time. This will be HUGE as Seattle does not have great wide outs -- good, but not great. We should be able to cover them 1:1 for the most part, which will help us in my next point. (3) Stop Alexander the Great! Well, we already did that once this year as we are one of only 5 teams that held him to under 100 yards rushing in a game. And last but not least ~~ (4) Look at like opponents. Both the Cowboys and Giants played the Seahawks to the wire, in Seattle, and should have won those games. The Giants got some horrible calls that took TDs off the board, and let us not forget Jay Feeley missing 3 game-winning field goal attempts (2 in OT) that enabled the Seahawks to eventually win in OT. With the game tied 10-10, the Cowboys and Seahawks were going to OT until Bledsoe threw a horrible out pattern with :14 seconds to play (I didn't make that up, I swear) that was intercepted, setting up the game-winning field goal for Seattle as time expired.

Yes, Seattle is unbeaten at home this year, but if the Giants and Cowboys can basically beat Seattle, in Seattle, why can't we? Call me a homer, but I think we've proven we are a better team than both the Cowboys and Giants!

If we play Redskins football, on both sides of the ball, the way we have played over the last 6 weeks, we can and will win this game! Oh, did I mention that we beat them once already this year? Yes, it was a while ago, and at FedEx Field, but it's in the collective heads of both teams!

See you Sunday at Austin Avenue! .....................................Chad Costa

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A fan attending last week's game left a Redskins duffle bag in either the restaurant or the parking lot at Austin Avenue. It contained child's clothing, a Redskins (Portis) jersey, and a blue stuffed dog. If anyone has any information concerning the whereabouts of this duffle bag, or if you found it and plan to bring it to the Seattle game, please let us know! Many thanks!

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