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Skins Need a Change of Direction!

Let me begin by saying there was NO ONE more excited than me in January 2004 when Sports Center confirmed Joe (Messiah) Gibbs was returning to my beloved Skins. Finally, after the Pettibone, Turner, Robieskie, Schottenheimer and Spurrier regimes, we would return to prominence and respectability. Did I believe we would win right away? Emotionally – yes. Realistically – no. But the one thing I was certain of was that we would not be out coached again. The trademark of Joe during our glory years was his ability to make adjustments at halftime, and a knack for calling just the right play at crucial times late in the game. I always felt that if we were within 21 points at halftime, we had a shot. Well, we have been out coached the last three heartbreaking games because we made no adjustments during halftime, and suspect play calling at pivotal moments of the games. During the Tampa game, we had a 3rd and 2 with a TD lead, and chose to bang Portis into the line for no gain on three successive plays. Show some imagination and play action to Cooley, which had been working all day, for the first down – game over. The Raider game was the opposite. We are running Portis effectively all game and when it comes to crunch time in the 4th quarter, we suddenly turn into Air Coryell of the early 80’s, take no time off the clock, and the Raiders, who had lost 17 of their last 21 on the road, beat us at home. This week we had another opportunity late in the 4th, but we were unable to get that one first down to ice the game. After a gift interception, we commit another stupid penalty to take us out of field goal range, and on to OT we go. I realize we got beat by the best back in the league in OT, and have no problem with that. They wanted it more, and it showed. Gibbs can’t seem to get them ready for an entire game. We look like "World Beaters" for half the game, but lose focus when it matters, i.e., penalties, dropped passes, busted routes and blown coverages. And that starts with the coaching staff, and it seems to be getting worse instead of better. We are 2-6 over our last 8 games after starting the season with wins over Chicago, Seattle and Dallas -- teams that will, in all likelihood, make the playoffs. And as someone who has been a Skins fan since 1968, I would rather gnaw off my arm than admit Dallas might make the playoffs!

Is the season over? No, but I believe we will need to win out and hope the Giants and Cowboys stumble, because our only hope is to win our division. Given the Vikings' resurgence and our loss to the Bucs, the wild card may be out of our reach. We can start moving in that direction this week with a win over the Rams. They are currently dead last in the league in points allowed, 27th against the run, and 30th against the pass. Brunell should be able to pass all day and set up Portis and the ground game. I expect another shoot-out type game, given that the Rams are 6th in the league in points scored per game at 26. Brunell has impressed me this year, and I think even with his depleted receiving core, we can pull out a much needed victory.

Do I have any suggestions as to who should coach? No. Williams is a great Coordinator, but has proven he isn’t head coaching material. Maybe Mariucci or Pete Carroll, but it really doesn’t matter because Snyder will never fire Joe. That would be like Robin firing Batman. And I don’t see Gibbs stepping down before returning our team to the top or fulfilling his contract. He is too much of a competitor for that. I just hope some of that competitive fire rubs off on our team before the end of the season.

I am definitely pulling for Joe and hope he can do it. But even if he doesn’t, this is my team and will always be, whether they are 11-5 or 5-11. From the moment I got my Jerry Smith bubble gum card when I was 8, through the glory years of parading thru Dallas area malls with my brother wearing my “Redskins Super Bowl Champs – Cowboys Super Bowl Chumps” T- shirt, during the embarrassment of the Spurrier era, right up to Sunday’s gut wrenching loss to the Bolts, I will be there screaming for my guys! HAIL!
............................. Mary Priddy, Guest Contributing Writer

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Burgundy and Gold Fantasy League Update

Some hotly-contested battles ensued this past week as the final drive to the playoffs commenced.
Calley’s Allstars (John Priddy) continued their winning ways, dispatching Hellfish (Matt Goldie) on the arm of Carson Palmer.
The Aquabats (Josh Becker) came from behind to edge TDsnDC (Carl Murphy) with a Monday Night score from Hines Ward.
In the matchups with playoff Implications:
Game Over (Danny Zegen) stayed alive by sending 70-Chip (Kenn Jackson) to their 4th straight defeat with a strong performance by Steve McNair.
Unsung Heroes (John Domin) overcame the loss of Byron Leftwich with good contributions from both Andre Johnson (where has THIS been all season?) and Lamont Jordan to beat Primetime (Rodney Twyman) (who would have won if they had played Todd Heap instead of Jeramy Stevens).
High Score Game of the Week: The Redskins (Linda Domin) rode LT’s monster day (which was painful for all the Burgundy & Gold Faithful to watch) to victory over Jerry’s 421 (Mary Priddy).

After we take a look at the standings, we will go through the Playoff scenarios.
Calley’s Allstars 11 – 1 70 Chip 7 – 5
Hellfish 7 – 5 Unsung Heroes 7 – 5
Redskins 7 – 5 Game Over 6 – 6
TDsnDC 2 – 10 Jerry’s 421 6 – 6
Aquabats 2 – 10 Primetime 5 – 7

With so many similar records, now is a good time to go over the tiebreakers:
~Winning Percentage
~Head to Head Records
~Divisional Record
~Total Points

For Matchups this week:
~Aquabats vs Hellfish
~Redskins vs Calley’s Allstars
~TDsnDC vs Game Over
~Primetime vs 70-Chip
~Unsung Heroes vs Jerry’s 421

With that out of the way, here are the scenarios as they stand going into the final week of the regular season:

Burgundy Conference ~ Calley’s Allstars gets first-round bye
~ Redskins play Hellfish in the first round

Gold Conference
~If 70 Chip and Unsung Heroes win, they are both in, and Game Over is in due to a better conference record regardless of whether they win or lose.
~70-Chip ~ 1st round bye on total points.
~If Unsung Heroes wins, 70-Chip loses, and Game Over wins, then the order is Heroes/Game Over/70-Chip based on Game Over’s better conference record.
~If 70-Chip wins, Unsung Heroes wins, and Game Over wins, then the order is 70-Chip/Heroes/Game Over based on total points.
~If 70-Chip wins, Game Over wins, and Jerry’s 421 wins, then the order would be 70-Chip/Game Over/Jerry’s 421 based on Jerry’s head-to-head record against Unsung Heroes.
~If 70-Chip wins, Game Over loses, and Jerry’s 421 wins, then the order would be 70-Chip/Jerry’s 421/Heroes based on head-to-head.
~~If 70-Chip loses, Game Over loses, and Jerry’s 421 wins, the order would be 70-Chip/Jerry’s 421/Heroes with 70-Chip getting the bye due to a better conference record than Jerry’s 421.

Now that all THAT is out of the way … … ... Everyone enjoy this week's games! =)
...........John Priddy, the Commish


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