Washington REDSKINS @Philadelphia EAGLES
Sunday, JANUARY 1, 2006 ~ 3:15 pm
Burgundy & Gold Fan Club
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In the immortal words of Van Halen…….


Our Redskins did us proud on the national stage last weekend, winning a game they had to have and crushing a supposedly "better" team in the process. The final score of 35-20 was not indicative of how badly we beat the over-rated Giants ~~ other than the one long drive for a TD,they had precious little offense in the face of our Pro Bowl-snubbed Defense, and our Offense was clicking on all cylinders, with either Brunell or Ramsey at the helm. Overall it was a very enjoyable early Christmas gift. The Bucs beating the Falcons and the Ravens slipping past the Vikings narrowed down the field of playoff contenders in the NFC to 2.

So it comes down to this weekend . . . it's all in our hands. If we win . . . we are in the playoffs, at least as a Wild Card, and possibly as NFC Eastern Division Champions, depending on the outcome of the Raiders-Giants tilt. That's right . . . we win and we are in the playoffs! And almost as sweet . . . the Cowboys are OUT! On the flip side of that is the blade hanging over the head of every faithful fan of the Burgundy & Gold. If we lose ~~ if we don't take advantage of this opportunity, we open the door for the Cowboys to steal our spot with an expected Sunday Night vctory over the pathetic St. Louis Rams. The foe in front of us is a familiar one, in name only. The Eagles are a shell of the team that represented the NFC in the Super Bowl last year, with almost every name player on offense on IR. McNabb, T.O. , Westbrook . . . none of those players will be on the field Sunday afternoon. But that doesn't make these guys any less dangerous.

We have been in playoff mode for the last 3 weeks, and the team has responded. One more game and we get one of the most joyous offseasons of gloating we have ever had, regardless of what happens after this weekend. The nails are in the coffin ~~ let's hammer them home and begin the celebration!
...........................................John Priddy

2 games ... 70 points ... 5 touchdowns ...
There really is a Santa Claus!!!!

I think I can speak on belhalf of all of us when I say that the last two games are enough to make anyone's Christmas Merry!!!! Not only have we done what we needed to do to put us in the position we could only hope to be in ~~ contol of our own playoff fate ~~ but we pounded the Cowboys and Giants in the process!!! It's plain and simple ~~ we win, we're in! With that said, some scenarios have played out that could prove interesting, yet disturbing at the same time. Either way, it's fun to look at.

If the season ended today, we would be the 6th seed and play the Buccaneers in Tampa. I feel confident in saying that we could win there . . . AGAIN!!! The winner would go on to play either the Bears or Seahawks. Hmmmmmmmmm ~~ seems to me that we beat both of them earlier this year, didn't we?? But I digress.

OK. Here is is reality. With a win against Philly, we're at least a Wild Card. With a win against Philly and a Giants loss to Oakland, we win the NFC East! Has a nice ring to it!! GO Raiders!! If we lose to Philly, we need Dallas to lose to the Rams. I really don't see that happening. If Dallas wins and we lose, Dallas goes and we don't. I don't even want to think of that happening. It does not matter what Carolina does if we lose, as they already have 10 wins.

Now here is the interesting part. If we win, Dallas wins and Carolina loses to Atlanta (they have lost 8 out of the last 10 to Atlanta), then both the Skins and Dallas go to the playoffs.

Redskins can clinch Division Title with:
1) WAS win + NYG loss
Redskins can clinch playoff spot with:
1) WAS win
2) DAL loss
3) WAS tie + DAL tie

Cowboys can clinch playoff spot with:
1) DAL win + WAS loss or tie
2) DAL win + CAR loss
3) DAL win + TB loss + NYG loss + NYG and DAL clinch strength of victory tiebreaker over TB
4) DAL tie + WAS loss

Panthers can clinch Division Title with:
1) CAR win + TB loss or tie
2) CAR tie + TB loss
Panthers can clinch playoff spot with:
1) CAR win or tie
2) DAL loss or tie
3) WAS loss or tie

Bucs can clinch Division Title with:
1) TB win
2) CAR loss
3) TB tie + CAR tie
Bucs can clinch playoff spot with:
1) TB tie
2) DAL loss or tie
3) WAS loss or tie
4) NYG win or tie
5) TB clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over DAL or NYG

The bottom line ~~ Washington, Carolina and Tamp Bay control their own fate (and Dallas' fate) with wins. I think I speak on behalf of most all of us when I say that all I really care about is Washington making the playoffs and the Cowboys not making the playoffs. Go Skins, Go Raiders, Go Panthers, Go Bucs!
Go Cowboys . . . GO HOME THAT IS!!

The last two weeks were amazing at Austin Avenue!! A tremendous turnout of happy, rowdy Redskins fans ~~ the place was packed ~~ but there's always room for more!! Come on out to ring in the New Year in style with a playoff birth!! See you all Sunday!!

And I'm spent!! .....................................Chad Costa

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Messages from our Hogette Friends

Hey Everybody:
I always read the newsletter with interest. You folks do a great job. I just wanted to send you Season's Greetings and our wishes for a terrific New Year. The comments about being on the right track are totally valid. The future looks bright. I would tell you how much the crowd in Fedex Field was behind our Redskins if my voice had come back. The noise was enough to cause eardrums to rattle. We all stood for the last 25 minutes of the game. We have waited an entire decade to sweep the Cowboys and it was SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going to turn on the same buzzsaw for the Giants. The 12th man is alive and well in Fedex and Dallas. Again, have a safe, sane and sacred holiday season. Thanks for your loyalty and support.
........................Nickette Hogette

Merry Christmas to our friends in enemy territory.
If I wasn't at FedEx Field last Sunday, I would have wanted to be there with you at Austin Avenue. What a Blast!!!!
See ya next year,

A Scene from Fed Ex Field on Sunday, December 18, 2005
(vs. Dallas)

The poster reads: "HELLO Redskins Fan Club, DALLAS, TX, at Austin Avenue. Go Skins!"
B&G Fan Club Member Eric Hudson (who was at the game) is now in possession of the poster!
Hail Eric Hudson!


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Burgundy and Gold Fantasy League Update

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Congratulations to Game Over, who backed up his trash talk with performance in knocking off the fighting Hellfish with another monster game from Larry Johnson. Game Over came into the playoffs as the Sixth Seed, just like last year's champs, Unsung Heroes.

In the Consolation bracket, TDsnDC beat out Primetime to get the #1 Draft Pick in next year's draft.

Very competitive play this year! Congrats and Consolations to all involved!

...........John Priddy, the Commish

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