FedEx Field

SUNDAY, October 27, 2002 ~ 7:30 p.m.

Burgundy & Gold Fan Club
Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar

N A T I O N A L E X P O S U R E !

LAST WEEK: A disappointing result on the Not-So-Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field as the Skins fell 30-9 to the now 6-1 Packers. The offense had plenty of opportunities ~~ especially in a third quarter that was statistically dominated by the Burgundy & Gold ~~ but they could never cash in as penalties and 6 fumbles (4 lost) defused any charges we tried to mount. The special teams looked a little better this week with no Ex-Truck Drivers getting kick returns for touchdowns! Ramsey looked like what he is, a rookie Quarterback in the NFL…….he just needs more snaps in game situations and he will mature into the Leader that we have been waiting for.

THIS WEEK: HOWEVER, Ramsey will have to wait a while for the resumption of those snaps. He is headed for clipboard city again as Coach Spurrier has decided to hand the ball back to our Opening-Day starter, Shane Matthews, against the Indianapolis Colts on ESPN’s Sunday Night National Game. Peyton Manning’s crew is coming off a serious thumping by the Steelers on Monday Night Football, so they are almost as anxious for a victory as we are. The Colts’ defense is exploitable against the pass and the run, so we can definitely get back on track this week. The secondary however will HAVE to play better against the Manning and Marvin duo ..…. are you listening out there Mr. Smoot?? Even with those two studs, the Colts are a beatable team ~~ and remember, Coach Spurrier is 1-0 on ESPN!!


U Don’t forget to donate towards the Club end of season bash. Details will follow soon…………….

U Draft Day Hats ~ a $22 value, only $15 ~ ONLY A FEW LEFT!

U Get your tickets for the Thanksgiving Game now! Call Becca at Texas Stadium directly at 972-785-4060 BEFORE THE END OF OCTOBER! Be sure to mention the Burgundy & Gold Fan Club.

U T-SHIRTS ~~ A lot of you are waiting for Large and Extra Large sizes of the Fan Club T-Shirts. You won’t be disappointed ~~ an order is on the way and should arrive in time for the Jacksonville game (11/03). All of you who gave your name and size to me …. yours are reserved.

U DARRELL GREEN COMMEMORATIVE SCRAPBOOK ~~ Starting at this week’s game and throughout the remainder of the season, there will be several “pages” for the scrapbook for messages and signatures from the fan club to Darrell Green. There will also be a separate “Texas” scrapbook, and you can put together your own personal page. If you have any pictures you wish to include, please bring them (either bring copies, or I can copy them and return the originals).


We are full swing into the planning for the Turkey Day Tailgating Party, and we want everyone who is going to join us, even if you are not sitting in the Burgundy & Gold Club section. We will tailgate right behind the Corral, chowing down on a variety of foods and beverages, and this is where we need your help. If you are coming, let us know the following information:

1. How many people will be with you?
2. Do you have, or are you planning. to get a Blue Parking Pass? Can you carry extra passengers?
3. What do you want, or what are you planning, to bring to the Party?
4. Would you be interested in carpooling from Austin Avenue?

We have already received pledges to bring Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Utensils, Stuffing, possibly some desserts, and at least two Turkeys. However, the more food the better! Is there some dish that is a tradition with you at Thanksgiving?? Bring it! We also need grills!! I am rambling a bit now, but the point is that you LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU PLAN TO BRING. I will coordinate everything, and try to ensure that we don’t end up with 15 Green Bean Casseroles and 2 Hamburgers! Beer is a no brainer…everyone should bring their beverage of choice and partake accordingly. Food and the apparatus to prepare it is what we are after here. Email me at skinsfan1@attbi.com and/or John.Priddy1@Halliburton.com I will communicate where we stand in the coming weeks so we have as little duplication as possible….HAIL!!!!!!

H A I L T O T H E R E D S K I N S !!

S E E Y O U A T A U S T I N A V E N U E !!

BURGUNDY & GOLD FAN CLUB ~ SkinsFanClub@aol.com

Dan Joseph ~ d-joseph2@ti.com

Chad Costa ~ ccos20@hotmail.com

Linda Domin ~ domintexas@aol.com

John Priddy ~ skinsfan1@attbi.com