Cincinnati BENGALS at Washington REDSKINS
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2004 ~ 3:05 P.M.
Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar
A n I m p o r t a n t V i c t o r y !

Against an up-and-coming opponent, and in spite of a perpetually anemic passing game, our Redskins put together a solid performance to emerge victorious from the Motor City on Sunday. Clinton Portis made a strong case to be installed as our new quarterback with a touchdown pass to Laveraneus Coles, as well as having a strong day on the ground. The victory leaves us in the same 3-5 boat as a lot of other teams in the NFC, and only one game out of a playoff spot.

The push for a strong second half of the season starts in earnest this Sunday as Marvin Lewis and his Cincinnati Bengals come to Fed Ex Field. The Bengals-run defense has been suspect all year (something the Cowboys failed to exploit last week), so a strong dose of Portis right, Portis left, and Portis up the middle should be on tap early and often.

As usual, the game will not be televised locally, so come on out to Austin Avenue to cheer our Redskins on to victory with the best group of fans in the Metroplex! .............................John Priddy


There comes a time in every coach's career where he must move from the old and on to the new. The old may have many fond memories, but sometimes the old gray mare just ain't what she use to be. We have seen the torch passed from Sonny to Billy.....Billy to Joe.....Heath to "anyone please".....and now it's time for Mark to Patrick.

There is an old saying that numbers don't lie, but liars use numbers. Well, you can look at the numbers and decide on the truth. Mark Brunell's QB rating of 67.4 is horrid. We don't expect him to be up there with Manning (121.2) or Culpepper (115.0), but we don't expect Tim Rattay (92.9), Josh McCown (77.4) and Vinny Testaverde (82.1) to all be ahead of him. None of those QBs are on .500 teams. Actually, Brunell's QB rating over the last 4 games averages out to 51.9.

Get out the Pepto Bismol, folks, because it gets worse:

- Passed for LESS than 100 yards in 3 of the past 4 games. (Nausea)
- League worst 51.1% completion. (Heartburn)
- 37% pass completion when passing on 3rd downs. (Indigestion)
- Brunell and Portis completed ONE pass in the second half of this past week's game. (Upset Stomach)
- Portis' pass of 15 yards was for more yardage than Brunell in the entire second half. (Diarrhea)

I am personally starting the "Ramsey As Starting QB" Bandwagon. Previous weeks of my ranting at Austin Avenue were unofficial because I needed reinforced shocks for all the expected passengers on the Bandwagon. There is room for all, but please, board carefully and leave a seat for Joe Gibbs!
...............................................Kenn Jackson

Redskins @ Steelers
Sunday, November 28, 2004 ~ 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar ~ South Parking Lot
The B&G Fan Club // Steelers Fan Club

will be joining together for some pre-game food, festivities, fun and Live Music!
Visit our Website and click on the link for the Redskins/Steelers Tailgate . . .
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(or go to )

So far, we have:
1 griddle/grill
Pancakes (hot off the above griddle)
1 Breakfast Casserole
The Return of the Bloody Jerry

We realize this is a holiday weekend, but hopefully by Sunday morning you'll all be tired of Turkey and have a craving for some real tailgate cuisine!

Let Linda Domin know ( what you plan to bring so it can be added to the menu!


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December 26, 2004 ~ 3:15 p.m.

Tickets for the game are still available! There is only upper level corner seating available, for a cost of $49.00/ticket (which includes the Arena Football Desperados ticket). Becca has promised that we will all be sitting in the same section, albeit interspersed with Cowboy fans, as usual!

Call BECCA at (972) 785-4060 to purchase your ticket(s). You MUST mention "B&G Fan Club" in order that all fan club members will be seated in the same section!

We, of course, will be planning our usual outstanding holiday tailgate -- more on that to follow...........

Welcome to our new Burgundy & Gold Fan Club Members:
Ben and Lisa Criste

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Week #8 Winners:
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Redskins Trivia!
Five questions every game day. No cost to play. Win a great Redskins collectible!
Week 9 Trivia Winner ~ Mike Hulvey ~ two in a row!
(Remember: "Tom Tupa" is always an acceptable default answer!)

"Worst Beating the First" was the order of the day this week, as both last place teams pulled off victories over their respective conference leaders.

In the Gold Conference ~ Unsung Heroes (John Domin, owner), behind the monster game of Tony Gonzalez, downed Game Over (Danny Zegan, owner) as Game Over's starting of Eddie George was sabotaged by Parcells only getting him the ball for 8 carries in the Cowboys loss to the Bengals.

In the Burgundy Conference ~ Hellfish (Matt Goldie. owner) upset TDsnDC (Carl Murphy, owner) behind the good production of Jake Plummer and Clinton Portis.

Calley's Allstars (John Priddy, owner) climbed into a first place tie with their victory over 70-Chip (Kenn Jackson, owner) with another big game from Shaun Alexander.

K.D.I. (Chad Costa/Scott Howerton, owners) pulled even with the Redskins (Linda Domin, owner) with their head-to-head win as Donovan McNabb failed to produce for the Redskins.

Highest Scoring Game of the Week: Primetime (Rodney Twyman, owner) topped Jerry's 421 (Mary Priddy, owner) without a Tight End on the arm of Peyton Manning …. what else is new!


Burgundy Conference Gold Conference
TDsnDC . . . . . . . 5-4 Game Over. . . . . . . 7-2
Calley's Allstars. . . 5-4 Jerry's 421 . . . . . . . 6-3
Redskins . . . . . . . 4-5 Primetime . . . . . . . . 6-3
K.D.I. . . . . . . . . . .4-5 70-Chip . . . . . . . . . . 3-6
Hellfish. . . . . . . . . 2-7 Unsung Heroes . . . . 3-6

The top three teams in each conference after week 13 will make the Playoffs.

You can follow the season here
Check out the creative Team logos, too!


Contrary to what some of you may have heard or read, the "original" Burgundy & Gold Fan Club has NOT moved! The Club's headquarters remains at Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar. We appreciate our members' steadfast participation and support, and we will continue our efforts to make game day the best experience for the best football fans ever!

H A I L T O T H E R E D S K I N S!!
Watching the Skins in High Definition ~ it doesn't get any better than that!
Don't forget ~ Wednesday Night Karaoke at Austin Avenue ~ Presented by Josh Hamilton
9:00 p.m. ~ Midnight

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