I was an Air Force brat until my teenage years. We moved around a lot, and my family was very divided on our football allegiances. My Mom was a Raiders fan, my Dad an Oilers fan, and my older brother was a (choke choke) Cowboys fan. My sister and I were the only sane ones rooting for the Burgundy and Gold. We settled in Houston at the height of the “Luv Ya’ Blue” nonsense, so I had to put up with that garbage until they reverted back to their losing ways. After that, I moved to Austin and then to Dallas, where I had to fight all the Cowboys fans. But it was in the late 80’s, so they were pretty pathetic while we were winning Super Bowls, so it wasn’t too bad. I then started traveling all over the south with Brown and Root, and wherever I went people were astounded that I was from Texas and was Redskins fan! I was out of the state for the 3 Super Bowls in 4 years that the Cowboys managed to steal. I moved back to town to work for Haliburton just in time to enjoy the Chan Gailey and Dave Campo years. Trough it all, though, I have waved the Burgundy and Gold flag proudly wherever I have traveled and will do so until the day I kick the bucket. My wife Maria still doesn’t quite understand the passion of a Redskins victory, but she is still trying. This season (2004) will be my son Mario’s first exposure to football, so I am sure he will scream a few times as we are cheering touchdowns, and hopefully we will be doing it so much that he will get used to it!

John Priddy


I grew up in New Jersey with four football-loving brothers. My sister and I did everything we could to escape the house on Sundays during football season – we simply hated the game! In 1978, a job opportunity too me to Washington, D.C. Outside of work, I joined a softball team that first summer and, once the season was over, I also joined my teammates for their off-season weekend activities. Their favorite pastime, of course, was watching the Skins! After only two games, I caught “Redskins Fever” and have never looked back. My husband’s job took us to Philadelphia, San Francisco, and finally to Plano, Texas. Through all the moves {and all the “Why aren’t you an Eagles/49ers/Cowboys fan?”}, I have remained a most loyal Skins fan. In 1997, while having lunch one day at Austin Avenue, one of the waiters told me about the group of Redskins fans that meet every Sunday to watch the games. I attended the following Sunday, hooked up with the Burgundy & Gold Fan Club, and since then I have not missed a game! At the end of the 1998 season, I volunteered to help with the Club newsletter, which grew from an initial 60 members to over 200 currently, and is still growing! I also help with the weekly raffles, season schedules, and artwork for the room decorations. The B&G Fan Club is my “family” during football season! Hail to the Redskins!

Linda Domin

I started getting into football when my family was living in North Carolina. At that time there were no Panthers and the Gibbs era had just begun.. In 1984 the family moved to Texas. I swore at that time that I would never cheer for the Cowboys and now, more than 25 years later, I still don't! Shortly after graduating college I heard of a place where a few people gathered for Redskins games in Plano. There were only a few at that time and I am happy to see how much we have grown. In 2003 I started this web page to help us reach out. Facebook, Meetup.com and Twitter have all allowed us to reach out to so many people and eventually got the attention of Redskins Park. In 2011 we had the first of what we hope to be MANY fan rallies with the Redskins organization. GM Bruce Allen, Rick "Doc" Walker, Ricky Sanders and Larry Michael have come out to these rallies!! It's amazing! I couldn't be prouder to be a part of the leadership of this club and I look forward to many many more years and championships with them!

David Solly

Growing up in Eastern Pennsylvania, I was surrounded by Jets, Giants and Eagles fans. It didn't take long for me to realize, due to the obnoxious manner in which the fans of those teams conducted themselves, that I would not, could not, like any of them. I was "sans team". In 1977 at the age of 10, my dad gave my brother and I a gift. We each received a football jersey – either a beautiful burgundy Redskins # 42, or a hideous white Cowboys #88. As fate would have it, I got stuck with the Cowboys jersey -- which really hacked me off as my brother was (and still is) a die-hard Rams fan. Why would he want the Redskins jersey?! I really wanted and fought for the Redskins jersey, not knowing a thing about either team, but only that I simply liked it better. Being the younger brother, though, I usually got the shaft; so unfortunately I had numerous pictures taken of me wearing the Cowboys jersey when I was young. Sad, but true. I had no choice. I had to wear this thing as it was the only football jersey I had, and coming from a low-middle-class, single-mom-with-3-kids household, I wasn't getting a new one anytime soon!

Two years later, however, my football fate was cemented. It was December 16, 1979. The NFL had not adopted the Wild Card, and the Redskins and Cowboys would meet in Texas Stadium to decide the NFC East!! They were both 10 - 5, so it was a huge game!! The Skins were down 21-17 going into the 4th quarter, but came roaring out with 17 unanswered points, including a 66-yard run by John Riggins (broke outside, down the sideline – you remember). This was it! I was so excited!! But the Cowboys came back to win with Roger Staubach lobbing a 7-yard, over-the-shoulder TD pass to Tony Hill in the corner of the end zone with 45 seconds left to seal a 35-34 victory, ending the Redskins playoff hopes. I was devastated; yes, I cried, I'll admit it. (Strong men also cry, strong men also cry.)

I threw that ugly childhood jersey away immediately. I didn't care if I was jersey-less, I wasn't wearing that thing ever again! So I saved my allowance, went to the local sporting goods store and purchased my first jersey for $35! An authentic, Sand Knit burgundy, #7!! It was gorgeous!! My Redskins jersey collection had begun! (The authentics were really cheap back then!)

In 1986 I moved to Texas, Redskins stuff displayed proudly where ever I was. Over the past 18 years, I have spent about 15 years in either East Texas or the D/FW area. I always remained and still am PUMPED to be a Redskins fan living in Dallas! If you asked me at any point in my young life whether I would actually live in the city of the team I hated growing up, and that I would have started what would turn out to be a Redskins Fan Club that has grown to over 200 members, I would have told you that you were nuts!! But here I am, part of an amazing fan club made up of amazing people who share the same devotion that I do - The Washington Redskins!
Isn't it ironic that my daughter Chloe absolutely cannot stand the Cowboys? Funny how that works, isn't it? Hail To The Redskins!!!!

Chad Costa

Burgundy & Gold Fan Club History

It all started back in 1995 when I got tired of watching the Redskins alone whenever they actually were on local TV.  I walked into a bar in Addison called Slapshots, and to my surprise, there were a handful of Redskins fans already there.  Randy and Jesse Wright (yes, OUR Randy & Jesse), Shelly and Beverly Budman, Dennis and Cathy Durrick, Jay Schmidt, Dan Joseph and his girlfriend (now wife and Cowboys fan) Michelle, Mike and Margaret Garretson made up the core group of fans that were already there.  We all came back for the 1996 season, and I thought to myself, “Wow.  I found a neat place here on Sundays to watch the games, but how awesome would it be to build an organized Redskins Fan Club!”  So I looked in the “Redskin Review” which, at that time, was the official newsletter of the Redskins.  They listed the official fan club chapters, and I noticed that there was not one in Dallas at that time.  The only one listed in Texas was in El Paso (Jaime, the founder of the El Paso club, would eventually join us in Dallas for 10 years).  So I put my sales hat on and started collecting phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses.  I talked to anyone I saw wearing Burgundy & Gold, and told them about the newly formed club.  It was actually starting to become a reality!  I would basically collect addresses of the fans, do the “PR” kind of work, and mail out weekly reminders to the group - - yes, I said mail!  Nothing elaborate, just a flyer announcing the games.  That flyer was nothing compared to what we have today!  In the off-season, I contacted a man by the name of Mike who had organized a Redskins fan club in Tampa, Florida, that had over 160 members.  He was a huge help as he sent me samples of what they were doing, and really gave me some great ideas about how to grow the club.  I thought that if we can get to 50 members, it will be a success.  Butut 160 Members?  No way!

So I went back to Slapshots for the 1997 season, with ideas and motivation coming out of my ears - - I was determined to get this thing going - - only to find that Slaphots had closed!  I contacted some of the other members (who were also very excited about an organized fan club) and we rounded up the rest and moved our group to CJs Sports Bar in Plano (formerly Bill Bates Sports Bar – Frankford & Preston) for the 1997 season.  We congregated to watch the first few weeks, culminating on Monday night, October 13, 1997, to watch the first Monday Night game at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium (where the Redskins beat the Cowboys 21-16, I might add).  There were 15 Redskins fans watching that night, and I thought, “Wow, I’m in Hog heaven!!!  The manager came up to me at the end of the night and complimented our group and what we had built, but sadly told us that they would be closing their doors the next day!  Are you kidding me?!  I was stunned . . . not again! 

At that point, a guy by the name of John Altizer (Maryland native), who overheard the conversation, told me that there was this bar in Plano called Austin Avenue, where about 15 Redskins fans already were meeting, and that the owner was a Redskins fan as well!  The next day I looked up the number, called Austin Avenue.  I spoke with Margo and Bryan about moving our club and meeting at Austin Avenue to watch the Redskins each week.  Needless to say, Bryan was thrilled at the prospect of hosting an organized Redskins Fan Club at his establishment as being a lifelong Redskins fan himself, it had been a dream of his to do that!  Finally – we had found a home!

Bryan’s countless, selfless contributions to the Club have been phenomenal!  We have “our room” guaranteed each week (and there is more room given the remodeling he has done over the years), HD TV’s, dedicated Redskins games, and cool T-Shirts every year thanks to Bryan!  Oh, and he has physically kicked out obnoxious Cowboys fans over the years that give us crap!

By this time the group was at 30 members and growing, and before we knew it, the Club had grown to 65 members!  It was becoming more difficult for me to keep up with bulk mailing the weekly flyers, from both a time and financial standpoint.  Dan had offered to help with the weekly stuff, and started writing what we now have come to know (and love) as the Weekly Newsletter.  Dan would write it and I would mail it!  Before we knew it, we were also e-mailing the Newsletter to some of the Fans, which made life much easier! 

It was in 1997 that my little idea became a ritual . . . yes . . . the Halftime Raffle was born!  It was not yet Sassy, but real nonetheless!  You see, we were struggling as a team then, so I thought if I can make people laugh for 15 minutes at half time -- you know, just forget the score for a minute - - it might be a good thing!  Dan and I would donate items to be raffled off each week.  He would obtain autographed 8x10 photos from a bookstore in the DC / Maryland area, and I would bring whatever I could find - - football cards, pictures - - anything to make it interesting, fun, to draw more fans and retain the fans we had.

But it was in 1998 that my life - - and the Club’s life - - would be forever changed.  A lovely young lady walked up to me and introduced herself, asking if I needed any help running the Club.  I thought to myself, “Well, I don’t really need help (little did I know), but what the hell; I’ll hear what she has to say.”  She mentioned that she was a former Cub Scout Committee Mom, that her son had moved on to Boy Scouts (where her involvement would be minimal), and she was looking for something to keep her busy.  STOP!!  A Cub Scout Committee Mom?  Arguably the most organized and committed of all organization “Moms”!  I said, “You’re hired!”  It was that day that Linda Domin came into my life, The Burgundy and Gold Fan Club’s life, and pretty much the life of everyone at Austin Avenue!  At that point, the Club took off!  We now have over 320 members, and all of the game-day goodies, decorations, festivities, the Hogettes, tailgate parties - - just to name a few - - have all come to fruition since Linda joined the Club. 

The Burgundy and Gold Fan Club has grown, is supported in so many ways, and is truly a success because we are a family!  John Priddy puts together awesome recaps each week in the Newsletter.  David Solly brought us into the new millennium with our web page and Meetup site!  We also have a Facebook Page, just in case you didn’t know!  We continue to grow on a weekly basis since the advent of social media, but what makes us what we are is all of our members - - not just the ones that have duties to run the Club, but all of our members who come out and hang with us each Sunday!  I wish I could name all of you, but believe me when I say - - we wouldn’t be anything without you!

I look forward to hanging with you guys for another 15 years!

Hail To The Redskins!
Chad Costa