FedEx Field
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2012~ 12:00 p.m.
Toadies Hideaway
14902 Preston Road, #924, Dallas
{Preston & Belt Line}
(972) 661-5221
The game is NOT being shown in our area,
so come on out to watch the Skins defeat the Giants AGAIN
with the greatest group of Skins fans!


. . . watching our QB run the final 40 yards for the game-clinching TD in 4.02 seconds, or watching Kai Forbath’s first FG attempt sail through the uprights from 50 yards - - the ghost of Chip Lohmiller lives!

All three phases of the team played well, but I think Forbath’s kick set the tone.  We were already down two scores and had he missed that kick, the Vikings would have had the ball at the 40, with all the momentum, and who knows what might have happened. 

No game in the 2-plus seasons of the Shanahan era has given me more confidence that we’re on the right track than this game.  We fell behind, but stayed patient and came back to take the lead.  When the Defense needed to make a stop, they came up with the big play or the turnover.  And when the Vikings got a little too close, RG3 put the game away with a run that made me scream so loud, my neighbor actually came over to check on me!

Few little fun facts from SI about the Skins:

Guess who's first in the NFL in completion percentage (70.2), second in average yards per pass attempt (8.34) and third in passer rating (100.5)?  Robert Griffin III.  Teams are starting to understand they’re going to have to score 27-30 points a game to beat us.

Last season we had 46 points off turnovers all season; with Williams’ pick 6 on Sunday, we have 49 points already through 6 games!  The Defense is really starting to gel. Imagine next season when we get Carriker and Orakpo back!

So while this is all great news, we still have a brutal schedule starting this week against the Giants in NYC.  Who knows which Giants team will show up – the teamDallas beat to open the season, or the team that dismantled the 49ers on Sunday?

If we play the way we played Sunday, we win this game.  NY has a tendency to play up or down to the competition, and they played a very emotional game on Sunday, which hopefully took a toll.

Teams don’t have an answer for RG3, so I think we come out of NY with a win in a close game and improve our record to 4-3!

                                                                                                                          ................................................Mary Priddy


A Different Perspective on Viewing with a Group

Last Sunday, while you all were enjoying the thrilling Redskins victory in the safe and warm confines of Toadie’s Hideaway surrounded by the Burgundy & Gold Faithful, I was about 700 yards away surrounded by a much different group of people. Normally I watch the games at home due to family responsibilities, attempting to venture out to watch the game with y’all once or twice a year, but at the beginning of this season I made a bet that the Redskins would have a better record than the Vikings by the time we played them.  I lost - - but in the grand scheme of things, I won.  The bet was that the loser would have to watch the game at the other person’s Team Bar, which in the Vikings case, is the TNT Sportspage Bar that happens to be in the same parking lot as the Hideaway.  I showed up in my typical Redskins Gameday Colors, and was immediately greeted with derision.  I would expect no less.  The previous week, my friend had brought a Titans fan with him to watch the game.  The hostile crowd there ultimately pressured her into leaving at halftime, especially one person known as “Mother Helga.”

I don’t respond to criticism in the same fashion.

. . . . . .and as is customary for me, I was quite vocal.  Unlike the Titans fan the previous week, even when we were losing 9-0, I was respectful . . . but vocal!  And as the game went on, I continued my vocal support of my team.  The leader of their group is “Paul the Damned Viking” that some of you may remember from the Hardline. Let me tell you, he is not used to being interrupted when he is exhorting his people after an opposing TD . . . especially by the stirring strains of HAIL TO THE REDSKINS being sung (in its entirety) at Maximum Volume As the game went on, and the outcome became less and less in doubt, their crowd became unruly, yelling obscenities at the TV for no apparent reason (reminding me of a past member of ours). All in all it was a pleasant experience, not only because of the outcome, but because it reminds me of how a group of good fans celebrates their team - - not just as an excuse to get stinking drunk and rowdy, but to celebrate our love of our team in a fun, family-oriented fashion!

        HAIL!     ................John Priddy


S P E C I A L   R A F F L E !!

Framed RGIII Photo

taken at the Baylor v. Texas Game in 2011

Photo size 11 X 14; Frame size 20 X 24

This beautiful photo was taken by Jerry Miron,

Burgundy & Gold Fan Club Member and devoted Redskins Fan,

and was used for RGIII's official Rookie Card!


#10 RGIII Jersey

Nike [replica] Burgundy Griffin III

Raffle tickets are $5 each, and will be sold at the Giants, Pittsburgh and Carolina games (see Linda for tickets).  The winners will be pulled during the Philadelphia game following the bye week.  You must be present at the game to win.




NOVEMBER 21, 2012


As in 2011,

the Burgundy & Gold Fan Club

will be co-hosting this HUGE event

with the Washington Redskins!



Go to nfl.com and vote for

Robert Griffin III

for Rookie of the Week ~ AGAIN!




Alexsandria Nieves     Jackie Ruis     Stephen Setrak

Ed, Kim and Alyssa Cross

Sharon Connor     Victor Paez     David Kovatch


KUDOS to our Sassy Raffle Substitutes:

1st String ~ Kenn Jackson

2nd String ~ Tony Grasse

Star Ticket Puller ~ Alyssa Cross!



                                          FRONT                                  BACK                 LEFT SLEEVE
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Five new Trivia questions each week.
Turn in your sheets to Chad before halftime.
Answers given after the Raffle.
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