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A Football to the Face . . . A Fist to the Face . . . It's All the Same!


Well, that was rude . . . the stark “Fist of Reality” intruded upon our RG-III love-fest Sunday afternoon as the perceived strength of this team, the Defense, was decimated by injury and was dominated all day by the lowly St. Louis Rams.  The Jeff Fisher-led squad fromMissouri was beating up (literally) the Burgundy & Gold all day, even though the score at the end was close.  Household names like Daryl Richardson and Danny Amendola moved the ball seemingly at will against Jim Haslett’s Defense.  It did not help that 2 Defensive starters were lost in the first half . . . and we ultimately find out . . . lost for the year, as they went on IR.  Losing a superstar like Rak and a solid player like Carriker will certainly hurt, but we were told that we have depth, so it is time to see it.  Yet, even with those losses and the play of unheralded heroes for the Rams, we had a chance to be in at the end when the reigning NFC Player of the week hit Josh Morgan to put us in doable field goal range to tie with under 1:00 to go.  WR Josh Morgan had other ideas, though, as he jumped up after making the catch, threw the football in the face of CB Cortland Finnegan, and received a nice yellow flag and 15-yard IDIOT penalty for his efforts. The kick was missed, and we squandered an opportunity to stay atop the NFC East.

Now for the good news . . . um . . . well . . . hey, we get to play again this Sunday.  And at the friendly confines of FedEx Field for a change as our home opener will have the Redskins battling Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Bengals have somewhat of a new look to them, with some strong running from BenJarvus Green-Ellis and a triple headed receiving attack of AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham, and upstart Andrew Hawkins.  They have some firepower, and they will attack us with the run to take advantage of our replacements for the wounded.  So our backups like Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson are going to need to step up to the challenge, because this is a game we need to win against a marginal playoff team from last year. 


Our home crowd should give the Skins a boost as they give RG-III the proper welcome to the regular season he so richly deserves, but the Skins will need to have some early success to keep that emotion flowing!


I picked the Skins to win before we lost Rak and Carriker, and I am still sticking by my prediction . . . we win the Home Opener with an inspired performance on both sides of the ball!

                                                                                                                ................................................John Priddy


From the "Week #1 Awards" Department . . .

FedEx Air Player of the Week

NFC Offensive Player of the Week

Pepsi Max Rookie of the Week


From the "Today in History" Department........

September 19, 2005:  Monday Night Football in Texas Stadium . . .

Fantastic Finish: The Redskins ended a decade of losing in Texas against the Cowboys with a dramatic comeback win. The Cowboys led 13-0 with 3:55 left in the game when Mark Brunell threw 39-yard and 70-yard touchdowns to Santana Moss for the 14-13 win!

Sept. 19, 2005

[A lot of us were at that game.  The worse and most harassing part following a loss at Texas Stadium was the trip back to the car, but THAT night - - you could hear a pin drop!]



Notes from the "Replacement Officials Have Got To Go" Department.........

From The Washington Times:

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III said Wednesday he absorbed a number of cheap shots during last Sunday’s loss in St. Louis, and called the game “unprofessional.”  “They were definitely going after me,” Griffin said.  Griffin acknowledged that he has a small frame of reference, given that he has played only two NFL games.  But he also said of the Rams, “They were doing a lot of dirty things…. The game was unprofessional.”  One Rams defender told him on the field he would be hit after every play, Griffin said.  His reply was that he expected that in football.  “Some of the shots were cheap,” Griffin said.  Griffin’s comments Wednesday echoed earlier remarks by other Redskins players and coach Mike Shanahan.  Other players accused the Rams of taking cheap shots after plays and said the replacement officials lost control of the game.  Shanahan said he’d never witnessed another game like it.


From The Washington Post:  (various articles)

“But oh, the officiating.  The officiating is not watchable.  What happened Sunday in St. Louis was a travesty, from beginning to end. The league and the union must put aside their differences, get back in a room and hammer something out, because — and I can’t believe I’m writing these words — the integrity of the game is at stake.

Well, maybe “integrity” is a strong word.  “Image” is probably better.  With these weekly gaffes and blunders, the league’s image is taking a real hit — an illegal hit, shoulder to the chin, the kind that makes your head snap back as your body flops to the turf.  Sort of like the hit Fred Davis took Sunday — with no penalty called!

That was the most egregious of the officiating mistakes in the game, and that’s the one that matters most.  It was clearly an illegal hit, the kind the league said it would end, the kind any official worth his stripes would have called. Instead, while the NFL and the union squabble, the health and safety of their players are in jeopardy.

(Note to the NFL and the union:  Without the players, you’re just a bunch of guys in suits. It behooves you to protect them!)


“The control of the game is the biggest thing—the chippiness, guys taking cheap shots,” . . .   “Some of that stuff, the other refs don’t have tolerance for . . . as soon as you start throwing 15-yard penalties on people, [I] think that gets guys to calm down a little bit.”

The NFL Players Association has called replacement officials a safety issue for players.  [Duh!]

“You’re going to come up with schemes, come up with techniques or a mentality, and push the envelope as far as the refs allow you to [go].  Until they call it, why wouldn’t you do it, if it’s going to give you an advantage to win games?  Guys were getting thrown down, literally getting tackled, covering kickoffs [Sunday].  But they’re not calling it.  So as a player, why not do it?”


From The Bleacher Report:

It was only a matter of time before the lockout started to affect the games. The atmosphere inside the Edward Jones Dome was so bad you could feel it through the television.  The players had no respect for the officials, and you could see that the reaction from the fans started to make the officials doubt themselves.  The Rams looked determined to stretch the rulebook as far as it would go - - consistently laying on players after making tackles, pushing heads into the ground, and taking shots after the whistle are all things that should be identified early and erased.  The officials have to make it clear to the players that these actions will not be tolerated.  The helmet-to-helmet hit on Fred Davis after an incompletion was savage; if he hasn’t got a concussion he should consider himself very fortunate.  Every play seemed to end with both teams squaring up to each other, surrounded by officials who looked out of their depth and quite fearful.  The game just looked too fast for the referees to call, and too aggressive for them to control.  The officials who are locked out make mistakes, sure, but they never look overwhelmed and intimidated to the point where they lose their grip on the game.

It’s time to end the lockout, for the sake of all teams.  With all the claims to safety that Roger Goodell makes, they ring hollow when the people charged with protecting the players on the field aren’t up to the job.  You often hear words like “battle” and “war” thrown about by players to get them pumped up before a game.  The fact remains, however, that the NFL is neither of those things.  It’s controlled and regulated to ensure the maximum amount of safety for its participants.

Across the league this week, we’ve seen that the system isn't working.


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